Institutional Dialogue 

The Natural Heritage Mission aims to open a constant, direct dialogue on policy supporting the encompassment of technical knowledge and solutions into effective, transformative policy.

This approach will involve key stakeholders, inside and outside the community, and will create the conditions for increased collaboration, governance and transference of best practices. 

A main tool to create these conditions are the Annual Institutional Dialogue events. 

The first Institutional Dialogue event of the Natural Heritage Mission was organized on 23-24 November 2023, in Piran, Slovenia.



The Natural Heritage Mission will establish synergies with relevant Euro-Mediterranean and non-Euro-Mediterranean (with special focus on the links between the two shores of the Mediterranean sea) networks, initiatives, programmes and organizations, to increase the coordination of relevant actors addressing common challenges. Moreover, the Mission will engage/join forces with the Community’s members and will accompany them in their activities when requested.

Depending on the framework of the synergies between specific actors, events, joint Policy Papers, MoUs, charters, or other specific documentation will be issued when and where possible. Read more about the Mission’s synergies:  


The Natural Heritage Mission will ensure advocacy and positioning activities beyond the policy dialogues and the Mediterranean Resilience Network to ensure that the results achieved by the programme, the Thematic Projects, and the Natural Heritage Mission are disseminated in the Mediterranean region and beyond. High-level engagement is expected in three levels:

  • EU strategic policy processes
  • Other territorial programmes within the Mediterranean region
  • Non-EU level, specifically in the framework of International Conventions, to support policy coordination and ensure lasting impact of the project.

Advocacy will be also performed through the production and promotion of policy papers, key recommendations and advocacy campaigns to reach the identified targets & promote policy change according to EU priorities.