Resources collection

The aim of the Natural Heritage Mission is to valorize natural resources in the Mediterranean area. Thus, it is going to collect all the available “knowledge”, i.e. the tools, approaches, methodologies, plans, policies, results, expertise produced on this field. The resources gathered will be communicated through a visualization tool. 


Interreg Euro-MED Academy

The Natural Heritage Mission has established a big community of practice, including individuals and organizations that share the same vision to protect nature. Among them, strong experience and deep knowledge is available that needs to be further shared and capitalized.

One of the Mission’s main goals is to share this potential through educational activities aiming to:

  • To achieve capacity building and increase the skills of the community members;
  • To promote solutions that put in practice the scientific knowledge and facilitate their transferring;
  • To increase coordination between stakeholders working in the Mediterranean (multi- based on this knowledge, experience, and results. 


The exchange of knowledge is an objective commonly shared by all 4 Missions of the Interreg Euro-MED Programme and will be mainly achieved through the Interreg Euro-MED Academy, a durable, flexible, and collaborative framework dedicated to the transmission of knowledge and skills to new players and territories.

In this context, the Natural Heritage Mission, in close cooperation to its Thematic Projects, plans to create a comprehensive, educational programme offering online courses and including various learning formats (video lectures, reading material, live workshops, etc.).

With the objective to reinforce the aforementioned objectives, the Natural Heritage Mission will also design and implement two summer schools/“in presence” courses. 

The first Natural Heritage Mission summer school will be held in Slovenia on summer 2024.