Working Groups / Amplification Room (AR)

The Amplification Room (AR) is the space where the core community – including the Natural Heritage Mission governance projects partners, the Associated Partners, as well as the Thematic Projects – comes together and opens to new external targets with the aim to facilitate transference in practice. These actors will include target audiences for the thematic projects, as well as other North & South Mediterranean actors.

All people engaged can provide examples and solutions they developed as well as benefit from those others present. 

This AR framework will offer a “portfolio of services”, which are a variety of tailored in person and online settings where the transference of solutions and knowledge can happen.

As a starting point, the Natural Heritage Mission created 4 thematic Working Groups engaging the Community of practice as well as external actors in at least 2 activities per year with the aim to mainstream transferable solutions to other territories and into policy making processes at different levels (local, regional, national). The Working Groups will offer capacity building for policy and technical implementation, and advocate for influencing the Mediterranean policy sphere (mainly via the development of policy papers, sharing best practices and networking).

The AR will provide a unique opportunity for networking between Mediterranean actors, and already has made available an online Forum to welcome interested parties and identify participant’s needs and interests.