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Welcoming the Natural Heritage Mission’s Projects in our Community of Practice

On Monday, 26th of February 2024, the Natural Heritage Mission welcomed within its core Community of practice the 13 new thematic projects on natural heritage funded by the Interreg Euro-MED Programme! The new thematic projects address a wide array of challenges in the Mediterranean basin: from protecting and restoring the marine environment; to managing forests; reducing anthropogenic pressures in coastal areas; applying new solutions and tools for wetlands; managing risks of climate change impacts; and soil carbon farming.

47 projects’ partners -project partners of the 2 governance projects and lead partners of the new thematic projects- participated in the online meeting. The aim was to set the basis of the future collaboration within the Community and understand the way to get engaged and interact. The thematic projects also had the chance to exchange information on what has “triggered” their projects and what they foresee to be their projects’ main achievements. 

The process of ‘amplification, as we call it, has been launched and we are all looking forward to joining forces and achieving better cooperation for a greener and more resilient governance in the Mediterranean!

>> Full presentation here!