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1st phase of Thematic Projects assessment


Waiting for our Mission Thematic Projects!

On the 21st of June 2023, the Monitoring Committee of the Interreg Euro-MED Programme released the results of the 1st assessment phase (2nd call) for Thematic Projects. 122 projects have been selected out of the 263 that were eligible.

The Thematic Projects under the Interreg Euro-MED Natural Heritage Mission that were selected to enter the 2nd phase of assessment, are 23.

According to the typology of the project, there are:
– 5 study projects, that perform analyses to better address a thematic issue and open the door to the development of new instruments, policies, strategies, and action plans;
– 16 test projects, that experiment common instruments, policies, strategies and action plans already developed to validate concrete solutions to be transferred; and
– 2 transfer projects, that optimise and share validated common instruments, policies, strategies and actions plans to have the stakeholders adopt them.
Following the specific objective of their priority, 10 projects are on S.O. 2.4 – Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account eco-system-based approaches and 13 on S.O. 2.7 -Enhancing protection and conservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure including in urban areas and reducing all forms of pollution. Finally, the 23 projects are dealing with: ‘water issues’, e.g. wetlands, floods, marine pollution, seagrass & marine ecosystems, water management, MPAs; ‘forest issues’, e.g. management, adaptation to climate change, fires; and other topics, as light pollution, drought, environmental governance, soil quality, climate resilience, etc.

The 2nd assessment phase will be completed in November 2023 and will lead to the final approval of the projects.
The Interreg Euro-MED Natural Heritage Mission is looking forward to the final assessment! Good luck to all the 23 projects’ applications!

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