Promotion of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation ⛅

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    Sofia MartinsSofia Martins

    The Mediterranean region is considered both a biodiversity hotspot and a climate change hotspot, as it is warming 20% faster than the global average. Indeed, climate change and biodiversity loss are related issues. Yet, the understanding of this connection is far from consistent and slow to filter down to local governance scales, through a lack of technical capacities but also through poor information flows and a lack of policy coordination.

    The Natural Heritage Mission plans to tackle these challenges through its objectives which include the promotion of climate change adaptation, disaster risk prevention, and socio-ecological resilience, taking into account ecosystem-based approaches. In addition, the Mission aims at enhancing the protection and conservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including urban areas and reducing pollution.

    The main driver for the Mission Working Groups’ activities will be the recent Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Specifically, the Working Group on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation is focusing on two of its targets, namely Target 8 and Target 12.

    Minimize the impact of climate change and ocean acidification on biodiversity and increase its resilience through mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction actions.
    Significantly increase the area and quality and connectivity of, access to, and benefits from green and blue spaces in urban and densely populated areas sustainably.

    We want to initiate the discussion with you around climate change mitigation and adaptation!

    What challenges are you facing when involved in policy drafting and the implementation of technical solutions? How can the Mission for Natural Heritage support you in these processes?

    Do you have any good practice, lesson learned, solution or tool you can share with us that could help us in the process?

    We read you in the comments 👀

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